“Point Acupuncture is ON POINT!!”

I had been experiencing acute shoulder pain for about two weeks. After several chiropractic treatments and a massage provided me with no relief, I decided to try a different modality. For several years my husband has been getting neurological pain relief from acupuncture treatments with Hongji. Having never tried acupuncture, I was a bit skeptical, but seeing how it had helped my husband, I made an appointment with Hongji of Point Acupuncture.

After taking my health history and discussing a recommended treatment plan, Hongji went to work. The first treatment consisted of needles and cupping, as it also did for the next three. I felt my pain lessen almost immediately after the first treatment, and I was so happy. After my third treatment the pain was totally gone!! I did one more treatment after that, and to this day the pain has not returned, and it has been over 2 months now. Hongji has trained extensively in the art of traditional Chinese acupuncture and it really shows.

Hongji had also recommended that I eat certain foods to improve my energy level after taking my pulse and viewing my tongue. I noticed that if I forget to consume them, I didn’t feel as alert and awake. Hongji’s knowledge of herbs and dietary therapy is vast and very helpful.

I would highly recommend Hongji and Point Acupuncture.

—Barb K.

Treated for: Shoulder pain