We strive to be an exceptional acupuncture and asian medicine clinic. We firmly believe that quality, personalized health care can also be reasonably-priced.

acupuncture with consultation (first visit) 135.00

Your first appointment includes a consultation to determine a Chinese medical diagnosis and the appropriate treatment plan. A combination of cupping, moxibustion and/or electric stimulation could be included with your acupuncture treatment. This visit will take approximately one hour. Price does not include the cost of herbs.

acupuncture (follow-up visits) 93.00

From your second appointment on, a progress evaluation is first done, followed by acupuncture and other appropriate therapies, such as cupping, moxibustion and/or electric stimulation. The time of these visits will vary between 30-60 minutes. Price does not include the cost of herbs.

herbal consult 60.00

A one-on-one herbal consult is designed for those who choose solely to work with herbs. Price does not include the cost of herbs.

herbal formulas

Prices vary dependent on formulation. Herbal formulas are chosen specifically for your primary symptoms based on your Chinese medical diagnosis.