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Sinus headaches

“I truly believe that because of acupuncture treatments I have my son!”

Hongji has helped me manage many ailments. I had a knee issue that was resolved after years of issues. She helped clear a pesky sinus infection and headaches. The greatest treatments of all were the fertility assistance. I had an AMH of .003 and FSH 50! The doctors had said infertility treatment with those numbers wasn’t going to help.

I went to Hongji weekly for fertility treatments and guess what!? On June 20th 2016 we welcomed a beautiful baby boy! Doctors looked at my chart when they learned I was pregnant and said some things we just can’t medically explain. I believe after years of trying (4 to be exact) acupuncture at Point with Hongji gave us the child we prayed for!

I truly believe that because of acupuncture treatments I have my son!
Thank you!!!!

I would highly recommend Hongji!


Treated for: Infertility · Knee pain · Sinus headaches

Bye bye Allergies

After suffering from seasonal allergies for many years and seeing the over-the-counter drugs losing their effectiveness, I decided to try acupuncture. I began feeling better immediately and quickly realized I hadn’t been feeling well for quite awhile. After my second session I was able to stop all of the medication I was taking (two for allergies and one for the symptoms the first two didn’t resolve).

The effectiveness of the treatment goes far beyond resolving the sinus headaches and chronic congestion. My mood and energy have improved immensely!

Working with Hongji has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. She is very professional, friendly and informative. I feel well cared for and very comfortable in her care. I wasn’t very familiar with acupuncture before I started working with her, but she takes the time to explain everything.

One last thing, the process of acupuncture is pretty relaxing—it’s warm and quiet—25 minutes of peace in a busy day can be quite a treat! —Andrea

Treated for: Allergies · Sinus headaches

“I just had a healthy baby girl last week”

“After having my son, my husband and I struggled for 3 years to have another child. I had three miscarriages. We tried fertility treatments, but 5 rounds of IUI and one round of In Vitro were not successful. We were devastated, having spent so much time, money, energy, and emotions. We were starting to think about adoption, but I was not quite ready to give up yet. My friend, who also struggled with infertility, and my OB both recommended acupuncture. That friend gave me Hongji’s phone number. I felt this was my last chance to get pregnant. I was done with all of the fertility drugs. Meeting Hongji changed my life forever. She told me my body needed 3 cycles of acupuncture, some herbs, and a special diet to help me get pregnant. Sure enough, after three cycles, I did get pregnant! I just had a healthy baby girl last week! Not only did acupuncture help me get pregnant, it also improved my chronic sinus headaches. I owe it all to Hongji and acupuncture. I highly recommend anyone having fertility issues or chronic sinus problems to start acupuncture with Hongji immediately!” —Kristine

Treated for: Infertility · Sinus headaches