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Chronic pain

High five to less nerve pain

“I was referred to Hongji for treatment of a small fiber neuropathy like pain. The pain in my feet, legs, and hands were bad and getting worse. Even though I was skeptical and not familiar with acupuncture, I decided to give it a try.

I had been seen at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester by neurologists, infectious disease doctors, and internists. I had test, after test, after test, with the outcome being inconclusive. They could not find any cause for my pain, so they only offered to try to treat my pain with pills.

I found out that the medications they prescribed all had nasty side affects. They didn’t work well and made for a bad experience. I found out that nerve pain is not effectively treated by Western medications, but with a skilled acupuncturist it can be.

When I first saw Hongji, I was taking a medication for my pain that made me extremely fatigued. I was having trouble walking due to the pain in my feet, and I could not even have blankets touching my legs at night, as that caused pain too.

After Hongji did her initial consultation and she fully understood my symptoms, she asked me to give it a try for 3 months, as she was optimistic that she could help me.

It was not an instant cure, but gradually positive things started to happen. After a time, I was able to quit my pain pills without increasing my level of pain. That was huge for me, as I then had my energy back. I then started to have periods of actual pain relief. I knew it was her treatments, as I would feel better after the treatments. Over time, the pain has been to lesser degree. It is now a manageable condition that does not totally control my life as it once was.

This spring I was looking toward a life of severe chronic pain, and I am now feeling so much better. Hongji is a caring person that believes in what she does and for that I am truly grateful. Without her knowledge and skill as an acupuncturist, I would be feeling miserable today. What she was able to do for me is truly amazing!!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you”

Treated for: Chronic pain · Neuropathy

Chronic facial pain gets 86ed by acupuncture

“After more than 15 years of recurring acute sinusitis, I found myself suffering from chronic acute facial pain. I would wake up every morning in excruciating pain and was faced with the possibility of taking drugs with serious of side effects. In consultation with my Otolaryngologist, I considered acupuncture as holistic solution. Thankfully, I found Hongji and my recovery is nothing short of miraculous. I am now living without pain and without drugs. The profound impact Hongji’s treatment has had on my life is impossible to quantify. If you live with chronic facial pain, you must try acupuncture.” —Matthew F.

Treated for: Chronic pain

8lb 9oz girl!

“I am very thankful for and impressed with the level of care, attention, skill and expertise that I received during my treatments with Hongji. My husband and I recently relocated to Saint Paul from Florida. I worked with an acupuncturist in Florida for infertility and was worried I would not be able to find anyone in Saint Paul with the same level of knowledge regarding fertility issues. Not only was Hongji successful in helping us achieve pregnancy after only two months, she also alleviated pain I was having as a result of TMJ. I went from not being able to chew to no pain at all. It is like I received two for the price of one treatment. I am pregnant and have no jaw pain after 2 month. I would and have highly recommended Hongji to everyone I know. She is extremely knowledgable, kind, fun, and ethical. Her clinic feels much more like a spa than a clinic. The whole experience was relaxing and wonderful.” —Suzanna, new mother of 8lb 9oz girl

Treated for: Chronic pain · Infertility · TMJ

Acupuncture takes a stab at Sciatica (and wins!)

“When I arrived at Point Clinic, I was at the end of my rope, both physically and mentally. My sciatica—due to two bulging discs—had suffered a flare-up over a month earlier, and nothing seemed to help it—chiropractic, massage, painkillers, a cortisone injection, physical therapy. Many days it was all I could do but to hobble around my apartment in extreme pain. Desperate—as I was beginning graduate school in just one week—a friend referred me to Hongji. Within 3 hours of my first visit, I was feeling remarkably better; in 24 hours, I was a new person. Hongji has restored my quality of life, and as I begin graduate school, I have her to thank for my ability to do so!! I wholeheartedly recommend acupuncture to anyone who is suffering with back pain—it can do what other treatments cannot. Thank you, Hongji!!” —Kimberly C.

Treated for: Back pain · Chronic pain · Sciatica

“I would recommend Hongji to anyone!”

“I want to express how helpful acupuncture has been for me. Hongji has helped me avoid gallbladder surgery with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Chinese medicine is a much less invasive way of helping the body heal and I have been continually receiving treatments for other chronic health problems as well. Hongji is a very wonderful practitioner. She is an excellent listener, gives good sound advice on nutrition as well as other practical tips. Her acupuncture treatments along with Chinese herbal medicine have greatly helped me. I would recommend Hongji to anyone!” —Heidi S.

Treated for: Chronic pain · General health

“Without a doubt, Hongji is a terrific practitioner of Chinese Medicine”

“Without a doubt, Hongji is a terrific practitioner of Chinese Medicine. She has successfully treated me for everything from the common cold to a chronic shoulder injury. She is a compassionate practitioner with a solid understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a path to healing.” —Michael E.

Treated for: Chronic pain · General health

Sinus relief with acupuncture

“With over 25 years of chronic sinus problems and infections and trying every nonprescription and prescription medication on the market, I have found that acupuncture and herbs are the only things that relieve my pain, congestion, and itchy eyes and nose and it doesn’t cause drowsiness. I don’t get sinus infections anymore either. It has also greatly improved my memory loss, which is due to information overload and stress. I highly recommend it.” —Gina O.

Treated for: Chronic pain · General health · Sinusitis · Stress