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peripheral small fiber neuropathy, vertigo, arthritis, calcific tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and fatigue

“I sought treatment with Hongji Lee Bessler after being referred to her by a well another well renowned acupuncturist in the Twin Cities. I am sooooo grateful that I was able to experience the best of two amazing practioners! Hongi Lee Bessler is a beautiful soul! She is first and foremost, a highly intelligent, skillful, intuitive, practitioner of Chinese medicine, incorporating the use of traditional acupunture, cupping and other techniques along with sound advice for home care. I felt genuinely cared for and gained SIGNIFICANT improvement of my health. I recommend Hongji to anyone in need of an outstanding professional healer.” —Ann

Treated for: General health · Neuropathy · Plantar fasciitis

“life is so much more pleasant without pain”

“I have been seeing Hongji for over 14 years to deal with back pain issues, headaches, rotator cuff issues, and feet problems. I recently was diagnosed with a mild trigeminal neuralgia and Hongji used an acupuncture tool to deal with the mild pain and after three treatments it is gone! What I most appreciate about her practice is that she has a tool box with a multitude of different approaches to relieve pain, from cupping, heat, acupuncture, to acupressure. She individualizes the treatment with what she considers is the best approach for their condition, not limiting her to a strict regime she presents to everyone. I highly recommend her and quite frankly I would be a painful mess if I discontinued treatments from Hongji.” —Judith

Treated for: Back pain · Headaches · Neuropathy

High five to less nerve pain

“I was referred to Hongji for treatment of a small fiber neuropathy like pain. The pain in my feet, legs, and hands were bad and getting worse. Even though I was skeptical and not familiar with acupuncture, I decided to give it a try.

I had been seen at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester by neurologists, infectious disease doctors, and internists. I had test, after test, after test, with the outcome being inconclusive. They could not find any cause for my pain, so they only offered to try to treat my pain with pills.

I found out that the medications they prescribed all had nasty side affects. They didn’t work well and made for a bad experience. I found out that nerve pain is not effectively treated by Western medications, but with a skilled acupuncturist it can be.

When I first saw Hongji, I was taking a medication for my pain that made me extremely fatigued. I was having trouble walking due to the pain in my feet, and I could not even have blankets touching my legs at night, as that caused pain too.

After Hongji did her initial consultation and she fully understood my symptoms, she asked me to give it a try for 3 months, as she was optimistic that she could help me.

It was not an instant cure, but gradually positive things started to happen. After a time, I was able to quit my pain pills without increasing my level of pain. That was huge for me, as I then had my energy back. I then started to have periods of actual pain relief. I knew it was her treatments, as I would feel better after the treatments. Over time, the pain has been to lesser degree. It is now a manageable condition that does not totally control my life as it once was.

This spring I was looking toward a life of severe chronic pain, and I am now feeling so much better. Hongji is a caring person that believes in what she does and for that I am truly grateful. Without her knowledge and skill as an acupuncturist, I would be feeling miserable today. What she was able to do for me is truly amazing!!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you”

Treated for: Chronic pain · Neuropathy