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Acupuncture takes a stab at Sciatica (and wins!)

“When I arrived at Point Clinic, I was at the end of my rope, both physically and mentally. My sciatica—due to two bulging discs—had suffered a flare-up over a month earlier, and nothing seemed to help it—chiropractic, massage, painkillers, a cortisone injection, physical therapy. Many days it was all I could do but to hobble around my apartment in extreme pain. Desperate—as I was beginning graduate school in just one week—a friend referred me to Hongji. Within 3 hours of my first visit, I was feeling remarkably better; in 24 hours, I was a new person. Hongji has restored my quality of life, and as I begin graduate school, I have her to thank for my ability to do so!! I wholeheartedly recommend acupuncture to anyone who is suffering with back pain—it can do what other treatments cannot. Thank you, Hongji!!” —Kimberly C.

Treated for: Back pain · Chronic pain · Sciatica