“There it was-a double line!”

My husband and I struggled with infertility for 2 years. We were at the point where the Dr. was suggesting invitro and other major fertility treatments. All of that scared me to no end. Through testing we found out that my husband had a slightly low sperm count. As a last resort before these big treatments, I decided to do some research on acupuncture. That is how I found Point Acupuncture! At our first appointment, Hongji explained to us how everything worked within our bodies and the various cycles. She said it would be about 3 months before possibly seeing results. We left our first appointment with some herbal pills to take and a lot of hope.

We had weekly appointments for about 3 months. My husband was also being treated for anxiety which was very high due to the circumstance we were in and wondering if we were every going to have a baby of our own. I honestly thought this was just going to be something added to our other million attempts of conceiving. But then, just as we were coming up on three months and I was starting to get nervous that it wasn’t going to work, there it was-a double line! I was pregnant by the end of month 3 and I couldn’t believe it. We continued treatments monthly throughout my pregnancy and then weekly after 36 weeks to prepare for delivery. My labor ended up being about 3.5 hours long which I again credit somewhat to acupuncture! I cannot thank Hongji enough for helping us achieve the family we had wanted for so long, and honestly feel it would not have happened without Hongji.

As I write this, my baby boy is peacefully sleeping on my chest and I am so thankful in every way for him. We are planning on returning to Point Acupuncture for baby number 2. My only regret is not trying this right away in the beginning, but instead waited over 2 years. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We are truly grateful for everything you have helped us with! Just a note to anyone in the same situation as we were: just give it a try. We had nothing to lose, but ended up gaining so much. Definitely the answer to our prayers! —Nicole

Treated for: Infertility