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“Hot flash free and sleeping through the night!!!”

I am beyond thrilled to have found Hongji! I entered menopause at age 45 and started have severe menopause symptoms at age 46…hot flashes, night sweats, irritability and weight gain! Hormone replacement was not an option and no matter what I tried I just could not get any relief! I had never thought of acupuncture (I am a bit of a needle phob!) until a coworker suggested I try that. I thought…why not?? I went on line and saw that Point Clinic had a specialty in women’s fertility and figured that was close enough for me. I emailed her some information about my situation and to schedule an appointment–she responded quickly, set the appointment and offered some advice for relief in the meantime.

On my first visit, I found her professional, concerning and very honest! She told me that if I didn’t see any relief or decrease in symptoms after 4th visit that perhaps acupuncture wouldn’t work for me. That spoke volumes as to her integrity! After 3rd visit I was having fewer hot flashes and sleeping longer at night. After about 2 months of treatments I was HOT FLASH FREE AND SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! I am down to one treatment a month and can honestly say that I am a firm believer in acupuncture and Hongji!! I highly recommend that people try acupuncture now…the treatments are painless and very relaxing. I look forward to my visits and will continue to seek as first option for assistance with health issues. Thank you sooooooo much Hongji!! —Kathy

Treated for: Menopause