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Back pain

Pain and numbness of low back and legs

“I have been seeing Hongji for approximately four years now. I first began seeing her for some severe sciatica down the side of one leg. After a few visits I experienced much relief & my symptoms disappeared. Approximately a year ago I was experiencing severe pain & numbness in my legs & lower back. I could not walk fifty feet without having to sit or bend over to get feeling back in my legs. An MRI diagnosed severe arthritis & lumbar spinal stenosis in the L4, L5 region of the spine. I was told I would not experience any kind of relief unless I had surgery. I went back to Hongji & after a few months of treatment & a physical therapy regimen I’m currently pain free & working a physically demanding job on a day to day basis. I try to see her weekly or bi-weekly to stay on top of my symptoms. I find her therapy is also very beneficial in dealing with stress reduction. Hongji is the ultimate professional and sincerely cares for her patients.” —Tim

Treated for: Back pain

“life is so much more pleasant without pain”

“I have been seeing Hongji for over 14 years to deal with back pain issues, headaches, rotator cuff issues, and feet problems. I recently was diagnosed with a mild trigeminal neuralgia and Hongji used an acupuncture tool to deal with the mild pain and after three treatments it is gone! What I most appreciate about her practice is that she has a tool box with a multitude of different approaches to relieve pain, from cupping, heat, acupuncture, to acupressure. She individualizes the treatment with what she considers is the best approach for their condition, not limiting her to a strict regime she presents to everyone. I highly recommend her and quite frankly I would be a painful mess if I discontinued treatments from Hongji.” —Judith

Treated for: Back pain · Headaches · Neuropathy

Scram, back pain!

“I came to Hongji on a Friday afternoon with an intense back spasm that was activated when I ‘threw my back out’ that morning. When I set up the appointment with her, my breathing was really heavily restricted by the back spasm (which was right around my ribcage). I couldn’t turn my body without experiencing a lot of pain. Hongji did acupuncture on several points on my back, as well as head, arms, and legs, followed by cupping and some light massage. She advised me that I should feel significant relief within 24 hours, but that I might also need a second appointment to fully restore my back.

I felt immediate relief after that appointment, and within 24 hours I would say I was back to about 90% of normal. I followed up with her by email and let her know about the significant improvement, and that I wanted another session just to reinforce all the goodness! I came back on Monday and by the end of that appointment, I felt 100% back to normal.

Not only is Hongji an incredibly knowledgeable and skillful acupuncturist, but she is also a warm and welcoming person who makes you feel at home in her office. I knew I was in good care, and I will continue to seek her services as need be in the future. In the meantime, I’m recommending her to all of my friends!” —Rachel

Treated for: Back pain


“I came in for lower back pain and decreased energy level, and the treatments with Hongji have made a significant improvement to both. I am also now pregnant. Which is remarkable, because I am male. But such is the power of her magic needles!” —E.B.

Treated for: Back pain · General health


“Thanks for needling me today, your batshit crazy medicine reduced my back pain by 80%!” —Sarah S.

Treated for: Back pain

Acupuncture takes a stab at Sciatica (and wins!)

“When I arrived at Point Clinic, I was at the end of my rope, both physically and mentally. My sciatica—due to two bulging discs—had suffered a flare-up over a month earlier, and nothing seemed to help it—chiropractic, massage, painkillers, a cortisone injection, physical therapy. Many days it was all I could do but to hobble around my apartment in extreme pain. Desperate—as I was beginning graduate school in just one week—a friend referred me to Hongji. Within 3 hours of my first visit, I was feeling remarkably better; in 24 hours, I was a new person. Hongji has restored my quality of life, and as I begin graduate school, I have her to thank for my ability to do so!! I wholeheartedly recommend acupuncture to anyone who is suffering with back pain—it can do what other treatments cannot. Thank you, Hongji!!” —Kimberly C.

Treated for: Back pain · Chronic pain · Sciatica