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General health

peripheral small fiber neuropathy, vertigo, arthritis, calcific tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and fatigue

“I sought treatment with Hongji Lee Bessler after being referred to her by a well another well renowned acupuncturist in the Twin Cities. I am sooooo grateful that I was able to experience the best of two amazing practioners! Hongi Lee Bessler is a beautiful soul! She is first and foremost, a highly intelligent, skillful, intuitive, practitioner of Chinese medicine, incorporating the use of traditional acupunture, cupping and other techniques along with sound advice for home care. I felt genuinely cared for and gained SIGNIFICANT improvement of my health. I recommend Hongji to anyone in need of an outstanding professional healer.” —Ann

Treated for: General health · Neuropathy · Plantar fasciitis

“Hongji is excellent at what she does”

“Hongji is excellent at what she does. She doesn’t over promise, up charge or oversell her services. I’ve seen her for multiple issues with great success overall. I would highly recommend acupuncture and specifically Hongji to anyone who’s in pain as a first line of treatment!” —Chad

Treated for: General health


“I came in for lower back pain and decreased energy level, and the treatments with Hongji have made a significant improvement to both. I am also now pregnant. Which is remarkable, because I am male. But such is the power of her magic needles!” —E.B.

Treated for: Back pain · General health

Acupuncture regulates menstrual cycle…ba da bing! PREGNANT!

“When I first sought out Hongji for fertility issues, my cycles had stopped and become very irregular. My stress level was incredibly high, and my anxiety was starting to affect me physically. Hongji immediately went about treating not only my desire to conceive, but also the general health of my body. Within three months of beginning treatments, I found out that I was pregnant. I am now almost 37 weeks along and I can’t wait to meet my son! Thanks to Hongji for not only helping me conceive, but also for changing my outlook on alternative medicine.” —Emily W.

Treated for: Anxiety · General health · Infertility

It’s a boy!

“Looking back provides 20/20 clarity. I am now the proud mother of a 9 week old healthy and bouncing baby boy! However, almost a year ago I was struggling with infertility that was going on 1.5 years of failed attempts to become pregnant. Not until after 3 months of acupuncture and the continued unconditional support and encouragement from Hongji, did I fully realize how imbalanced my body was. Infertility causes it’s own stressors, on top of work and life stress, which both left my body and mind fatigued! I felt renewal, healthier, higher levels of energy, and optimism slowly build over the 3 months of treatment. Hongji was a miracle worker! She was able to take me under her wings, instilled a sense of confidence (I was slightly skeptical and desperate, but also hopeful when I started) in me as a result of her high level of competence, her empathic ear, and her professional yet witty personality.

Acupuncture can really help couples who are struggling with infertility—I am proof! I would go back for other struggles in a heart beat—I turned from skeptic to believer through my experience. (She also worked on my chronic sinusitis—which resolved itself as well!!!) I only wish I would have started it earlier! I am confident it can help other couples too—so give it a try!” —Sue S., Saint Paul

Treated for: General health · Infertility · Sinusitis · Stress

Acupuncture soothes anxiety

“For 9 years I have been dealing with anxiety and panic disorders. After taking anti-anxiety medication for 6 years, I was still not free of the panic and anxiety that has plagued me. Feeling like I needed to do something else to help me, I made an appointment to try acupuncture. At the time I started treatment, I was truly feeling that nothing may be able to help me and I would have to live with this condition for the rest of my life. I was so pleased to find out I was wrong. Hongji has truly changed my life. She has been treating me with acupuncture and herbs for about 9 months, and I have never felt better. I am now able to say I am living the life I have dreamed of and I am able to do everything I want without the anxiety that used to follow me. I no longer have to live every day with this disorder. I have even been able to get off my medication, something I thought I would never be able to do. The care, support and time that Hongji has spent with me has truly meant the world to me. She gave me my life back. And not only has my mental state been better, but physically I feel great too! I will never be able to thank Hongji and Point enough for helping me achieve a great life.” —Amy S.

Treated for: Anxiety · General health

It’s a girl!

“After many months of trying to conceive our second child without success, I went to Hongji to try acupuncture as a means for fertility assistance. My OB recommended waiting even longer and then if I still wasn’t pregnant to start on Clomid. That did not make sense to me since I did not have a problem ovulating. Making my body work for me versus chemically altering it seemed like the right decision. From my first visit I felt as if the ‘infertility’ weight was taken off my shoulders. We began weekly acupuncture and herbs. I was enhancing my overall health while being proactive. I also had the added benefit of significantly reducing my stress of trying to get pregnant. I thoroughly enjoyed my visits with Hongji. She is calm, reassuring, knowledgeable, and professional. I’m happy to report after a very short time, I became pregnant with our second child! I am certain that my acupuncture and herbal treatments were a major factor in helping us conceive our beautiful daughter.” —Anne T.

Treated for: General health · Infertility · Stress

“I have the utmost confidence in Hongji and highly recommend her services.”

“The characteristics that struck me most about Hongji was her confidant ability and professionalism. I felt very much as ease as her client and could quite readily tell that she was very well-trained and extremely knowledgeable. Coupled with her professionalism is a warm and compassionate person who truly cares for her client’s well-being. This combination is ideal in a health practitioner due to the sensitive nature of some health conditions and the trust relationship necessary between a practitioner and a client. I have the utmost confidence in Hongji and highly recommend her services.” —Mona

Treated for: General health

Acupuncture helps with chronic miscarriages

“Our previous two children were conceived using infertility treatments, each time took at least 6 months to have a lasting pregnancy. I suffered three miscarriages while trying. My husband and I decided to try on our own for a third child. A friend suggested that I see Hongji. After two months of acupuncture, I got pregnant. I continued to see Hongji in order to try and maintain the pregnancy. I now have a third healthy baby. I am a firm believer in acupuncture for infertility and other ailments. Hongji is very professional. I do not like needles, but Hongji was able to make me feel comfortable and relaxed with each appointment. I highly recommend Hongji to my friends and acquaintances for their health issues.” —Emily K.

Treated for: General health · Infertility

Another acupuncture skeptic gets good results!

“I read this book called Trick or Treatment about acupuncture, homepathy, chiropractors, and herbology—they weren’t too kind to any of them, but acupuncture has certainly helped me. They mention the “But it worked for me” statement and well, it’s true! I’m pretty much a skeptic anyway, so I didn’t have high expectations but wanted to try everything. Lo and behold you’ve worked wonders!” —Craig S.

Treated for: General health

“The results from my sessions of acupuncture and counsel at Point are exciting”

“The results from my sessions of acupuncture and counsel at Point are exciting. I appreciate the wise and gentle professionalism of Hongji. The setting also contributes greatly to the total healing experience. Thank You!” —George Y.

Treated for: General health

acupuncture “strengthens my entire system”

“As a user of alternative health practices for many years, I am grateful for what I consider the benefits to me from acupuncture in particular. I have settled on a ‘routine’ of 6-8 weekly treatments at least 3 times a year, and feel that it tones and strengthens my entire system. I am diagnosed with COPD, and receive treatment specific to that as well as other minor health issues.” —Karen

Treated for: General health

“I would recommend Hongji to anyone!”

“I want to express how helpful acupuncture has been for me. Hongji has helped me avoid gallbladder surgery with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Chinese medicine is a much less invasive way of helping the body heal and I have been continually receiving treatments for other chronic health problems as well. Hongji is a very wonderful practitioner. She is an excellent listener, gives good sound advice on nutrition as well as other practical tips. Her acupuncture treatments along with Chinese herbal medicine have greatly helped me. I would recommend Hongji to anyone!” —Heidi S.

Treated for: Chronic pain · General health

“The acupuncture and herbal treatments were designed with care”

“The care I received by Hongji was exceptional. The acupuncture and herbal treatments were designed with care, as Hongji took the time to really listen to my symptoms. What is more is that Hongji spoke to me about changing my thinking patterns that were contributing to my inadequate health. Gentle listening skills and calm advice definitely was a big part of my healing.” —Andrea R.

Treated for: General health

“Hongji is always extremely professional and proficient while remaining attentive and personable”

“Hongji is always extremely professional and proficient while remaining attentive and personable. She goes above and beyond the minimum requirements to find the best treatment for her patients. She utilizes not only her clear understanding of acupuncture as well as her knowledge of herbs, cupping, tui-na and auricular therapy.” —Julia

Treated for: General health

“Without a doubt, Hongji is a terrific practitioner of Chinese Medicine”

“Without a doubt, Hongji is a terrific practitioner of Chinese Medicine. She has successfully treated me for everything from the common cold to a chronic shoulder injury. She is a compassionate practitioner with a solid understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a path to healing.” —Michael E.

Treated for: Chronic pain · General health

Sinus relief with acupuncture

“With over 25 years of chronic sinus problems and infections and trying every nonprescription and prescription medication on the market, I have found that acupuncture and herbs are the only things that relieve my pain, congestion, and itchy eyes and nose and it doesn’t cause drowsiness. I don’t get sinus infections anymore either. It has also greatly improved my memory loss, which is due to information overload and stress. I highly recommend it.” —Gina O.

Treated for: Chronic pain · General health · Sinusitis · Stress