Welcome baby girl

“My husband and I married in 2008 and were hoping to add to our family right away, unfortunately over 4 years later we were still struggling to fulfill that dream. We had just finished our fourth cycle of fertility treatment (which was unsuccessful) when a family member mentioned acupuncture and specifically Point Clinic. I met with Hongji soon after and felt a new sense of hope after discussing my treatments with her. She not only discussed acupuncture but also nutritional changes I could make to increase my chance for pregnancy. My OB was floored with how my body, specifically follicle growth, responded to the treatments. We were ecstatic to learn we were pregnant after just a few months of acupuncture. I continued to see Hongji throughout my pregnancy and know the treatments helped with nausea and energy levels. I am so thankful for Hongji as I believe 100% we wouldn’t be expecting our little girl if it wasn’t for her phenomenal care. I love telling people about our success with Hongji and would highly recommend anyone having fertility issues to contact her!” —Lisa

Treated for: Infertility