“I am now 8 months pregnant with my second son”

“I tried to conceive my second child for over a year, using Clomid and rigorously monitoring my cycle. I had a very early miscarriage after about 9 months of trying, and then finally decided I wanted to approach the whole process more holistically. I am pretty traditionally oriented, regarding my health and wellness, but I was very curious about the science behind the benefits of acupuncture. I was blown away immediately. After my first consultation, I felt so incredibly relaxed and energized, and this experience was (and is) consistent for my sessions. My first appointment was in August 2013, and I conceived in early October of that year. I am now 8 months pregnant with my second son, and I look forward to every appointment because of the immediate physical benefit. I have no doubt that if my husband and I attempt a third pregnancy, I will work with Hongji.” —Margie

Treated for: Infertility