Pregnancy success with severe endometriosis

“Anyone with fertility issues should give Hongji a try! I have very severe endometriosis and have had multiple surgeries over the years and was even sent to the Mayo clinic in Arizona because my case was so severe (along with trying rounds of Lupron and continual birth control for years)! ALL of my doctors told me I would have trouble getting pregnant and should consider IVF down the road. My husband and I tried for a while with Clomid, but I couldn’t get my cycles regular. We decided to take a break from trying and heard about Hongji. When we were ready to try again Hongji suggested I give acupuncture at least three cycles. By about the third cycle I had regular cycles and three months after that, I was pregnant! We are expecting our first baby this November and we couldn’t be happier! We were able to conceive with ZERO medications! We both highly recommend seeing Hongji if you’re trying to get pregnant!” —Jessica

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