Tubal blockage cleared with Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

“I would highly recommend Hongji to anyone looking for help and guidance within the infertility world!! One would say I am still very young at twenty six years old. We received devastating news from our doctor that I would most likely need to have my tubes removed by laparoscopy due to severe blockage and that my husband also had a very low count combined with low morphology and motility. We were told the only way we would be able to conceive a child was through IVF after my tubal removal. I was emotionally exhausted! I was neither physically or emotionally ready to put my body through the laparoscopy or IVF. I spent many hours doing research and finally came across Point Clinic. I started seeing Hongji regularly for acupuncture treatments and both my husband and I started taking herbal supplements provided by Hongji.

After a few months of seeing Hongji I decided I was ready to go back to my doctors and have the surgery. To our much grateful surprise, my tubes had cleared and unblocked on their own during the course of acupuncture treatments and neither tube had to be removed! Needless to say this was the start to our great news! A repeat sperm analysis was done for my husband and not only did his numbers improve with the herbal medicine, but so did his morphology, enough so that our doctors decided that we could try IUI before considering IVF. I knew that I needed to continue my treatments with Hongji while going through our IUI. I am so glad I did because we are currently four months pregnant!! I truly credit most of our success in becoming pregnant to Hongji and her wonderful patience and guidance. She was always only an email or phone call away whenever I had news from my doctor and she would help guide me in the right direction. I have and will continue to recommend Hongji to anyone struggling with infertility (or any other health concerns). Thank you so much!” —Our Happy Family

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