Another fertility success with acupuncture!

“I started treatments for infertility due to issues with ovulation. My husband and I had been trying naturally to get pregnant for almost 2 years and my cycle was never regular. I was put on several medications to induce a cycle and promote regular cycles. I was not 100% sold on only using Western medicine and felt like I needed additional help to get my body on track. I met with Hongjii who explained the acupuncture process and what to expect when using it for infertility. My husband and I also took herbs and by month three, I actually ovulated! This was also the month that through IUI I was able to get pregnant, and I am now 38 wks along! There is no doubt in my mind that acupuncture was the missing component in my overall infertility treatment. Hongjii has been encouraging and supportive throughout this entire process, is incredibly professional and genuinely cares about the individuals she treats. I have and will not hesitate to continue to recommend Point Clinic in the future for infertility treatments or any other condition people may be suffering from.” —Sarah

Treated for: Infertility, IUI