Natural conception with 3 months of acupuncture

“A year ago I found Hongji when my husband and I were about to begin our first cycle of IVF. I had experienced 2 failed pregnancies in my 30’s and now being in our early 40’s, we weren’t sure if we still had a chance to conceive a child of our own. I met with Hongji and she felt we had a good chance using acupuncture. We had heard of other people having success using both IVF and acupuncture, so we decided to do both simultaneously. Hongji provided treatments for the time leading up to and during the IVF cycle. Unfortunately, the 3 perfect embryos we transferred did not result in a pregnancy. Our doctor then wanted us to take a month off before beginning another IVF cycle. During that time off I continued my treatments with Hongji. To our surprise we became pregnant naturally during that one month break on our own! We believe that it was Hongji’s treatments that helped us become pregnant naturally. I have continued my acupuncture with Hongji to help support my pregnancy and will soon deliver our baby girl. It has been a dream come true for us and we cannot be more thankful to Hongji for her excellent care and attention. I highly recommend Hongji to anyone who is open to exploring an alternative approach to infertility.” —Melissa

Treated for: Infertility