It’s a girl!

“After many months of trying to conceive our second child without success, I went to Hongji to try acupuncture as a means for fertility assistance. My OB recommended waiting even longer and then if I still wasn’t pregnant to start on Clomid. That did not make sense to me since I did not have a problem ovulating. Making my body work for me versus chemically altering it seemed like the right decision. From my first visit I felt as if the ‘infertility’ weight was taken off my shoulders. We began weekly acupuncture and herbs. I was enhancing my overall health while being proactive. I also had the added benefit of significantly reducing my stress of trying to get pregnant. I thoroughly enjoyed my visits with Hongji. She is calm, reassuring, knowledgeable, and professional. I’m happy to report after a very short time, I became pregnant with our second child! I am certain that my acupuncture and herbal treatments were a major factor in helping us conceive our beautiful daughter.” —Anne T.

Treated for: General health, Infertility, Stress