Pain and numbness of low back and legs

“I have been seeing Hongji for approximately four years now. I first began seeing her for some severe sciatica down the side of one leg. After a few visits I experienced much relief & my symptoms disappeared. Approximately a year ago I was experiencing severe pain & numbness in my legs & lower back. I could not walk fifty feet without having to sit or bend over to get feeling back in my legs. An MRI diagnosed severe arthritis & lumbar spinal stenosis in the L4, L5 region of the spine. I was told I would not experience any kind of relief unless I had surgery. I went back to Hongji & after a few months of treatment & a physical therapy regimen I’m currently pain free & working a physically demanding job on a day to day basis. I try to see her weekly or bi-weekly to stay on top of my symptoms. I find her therapy is also very beneficial in dealing with stress reduction. Hongji is the ultimate professional and sincerely cares for her patients.” —Tim

Treated for: Back pain