After nearly 2 decades on oral contraceptives, I stopped them with the hopes of conceiving a baby within the next year or so. Much to my surprise, my cycle didn’t resume as expected. Prior to starting the pill, my periods had always been regular, moderate to heavy, lasting 5 days or so. Now my period was little more than a bit of visible spotting lasting 2-3 days. I became increasingly worried as the months went by and the flow didn’t increase.

After 3 months I went in for hormone testing. The results revealed that my AMH was a bit low at 0.928. My healthcare provider recommended that we not delay any further and also consider seeing a fertility specialist.

Wanting to try a more holistic approach first, I sought out Hongji and began weekly acupuncture treatments. She also advised me on some supplements to help improve AMH, which I started taking.

After a few treatments and another light period, she added a special tea which was supposed to help me grow eggs and more substantial endometrium. I drank the tea faithfully every day during the follicular phase of my cycle and waited.

I never got to see if it increased my flow because my period never came! After a few days I took a test and found out that I was pregnant. I now have a healthy baby boy and am very grateful to Hongji for helping make that happen!


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