Endometriosis, Irregular Cycles and Anovulation

“I could not be happier! My husband and I knew from the start that we wanted to have a child. I unfortunately have suffered from severe endometriosis and I also have two blood disorders which make it difficult to carry a child. To treat my endometriosis, I had two laparoscopies and I went on birth control. Becuase of this I did not have my menstrual cycle for over ten years. When we wanted to try to conceive, I struggled greatly. I had irregular periods, sometimes not getting it for months, and other times only a week or so in between, with severe pain. In addition, I was never ovulating. My husband and I tried for over 16 months. During this time I was seeing my OBGYN regularly to treat for infertility, but still no success. My friend suggested I see Hongji since she too struggled with infertility and was helped by Hongji. Within a few weeks of seeing her, my period became regular and by the third month I started ovulating. It took only the first time of ovulating and we were expecting!! I continued to see Hongji throughout my pregnancy to help sustain the pregnancy because I was considered high risk due to my blood disorders. We now have an amazing 3 and a half month old girl and we could not be more grateful and happy for all that Hongji has done for us. Hongji is kind, thoughtful and understands the frustration, costs, anxiety, sadness and worry that couples face with infertility. Hongji meets you were you are in this struggle and helps support you through it. I know that once we are ready for another child that I will see Hongji again.” —Angie

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