Fertility success with acupuncture!

“Hongji at Point Clinic is an excellent practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  Her advice, reassurance and positive attitude helped my husband and I get through the struggles of infertility. We started fertility treatments with Hongji in 2009 after several years of trying to conceive and suffering a miscarriage. Once I started with her recommended regiment of Chinese herbs, weekly acupuncture and some dietary changes, my cycles became regular and predictable, after years of suffering from irregular periods. In addition, my mood significantly improved after falling into a depressive state after a miscarriage. I cannot recommend Hongji enough for her great work in treating our infertility issues.

We were able to conceive our daughter in approximately 6 months of treatments, and I continued acupuncture through the first trimester to prevent a miscarriage and returned again in the last few months of my pregnancy to prepare my body for delivery. Our daughter is now one year old and is a happy and healthy little girl! Many thanks to Hongji for all of her help!” —Sybil

Treated for: Depression, Infertility