Acupuncture assists IVF by improving egg quality

“After years of not knowing what was wrong with me and why I could not have a child on my own, I sought out infertility treatment through traditional medicine. As much as I enjoyed my clinic, I knew my body needed more than just western medicine. With the help of Hongji and Point Clinic, I learned so much more about my body and how to relax and treat myself, where western medicine could not. After a number unsuccessful IUI’s(4) and a failed IVF, I was devastated to learn that I was diagnosis as having poor egg quality, I immediately was given help and hope from Hongji and after 3 months of treatment and adding herbal medicine as well to my next IVF cycle, I was amazed and thrilled to not only have had increased egg quality, but my body responded superior to the cycle and I am currently pregnant and due this month! I know it would not have happened without the extra help my body needed. I strongly would recommend to anyone going through infertility to give acupuncture and herbal medicine a chance for at least six months before western medicine…Thank you Point Clinic!!!” —Shannon, new mother of 7lb 13.6oz girl

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